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What parents need to know about babies, toddlers and teens

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When You Have Nowhere to Call Home

Growing up in Singapore with dual citizenship with the United States was more than an interesting experience for someone like me who is white. I don’t like to bring race into many of my articles but when I was a child it was very difficult for me to try and bridge the differences between myself and the other children that I was growing up with. Whenever I had a kids birthday party in Singapore I would inevitably question why I was the only white kid or at least one of a handful. There were not many other white children where I grew up.

I honestly felt out of place. I couldn’t help but believe that there was something wrong with the way I looked. Continue reading 

Conquer Your Fears About Parenting With These Tips

Conquer Your Fears About Parenting With These Tips

Is your child unruly, disruptive, or uncontrollable? Maybe, your child is extremely shy and scared of sharing his or her feelings. Whatever your concerns regarding your children are, the parenting tips below can help you to develop stronger communication and understanding between you and your children so that your relationship can grow!

Are you frustrated by a messy playroom day after day? Make cleaning up a game and ask your children to join in. Sing a song or dance around as you clean. Challenge everyone to pick up at least five toys. Doing this will motivate your children to help and make cleaning up a little more fun for all.

As a parent, possibly the most important thing you can do for your children is provide them with a moral compass. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to instill a particular set of religious values, but make sure they have a clear sense of right and wrong. Children with a solid moral grounding are more likely to grow into adults you can be proud of.

If you have more than one child, it is important that you pay the same amount of attention to all of them, no matter what their ages are. You do not want one child to be neglected– this could cause them to show resentment toward you when they get older.

When you have your first child, don’t buy every gadget on the market. There are a million products out there for your infant and the truth is, you don’t need most of them. Buying a million things will only clutter your house up and cost you more money than you need to spend. Continue reading 

What Every Parent To Be Should Know

What Every Parent To Be Should Know

No parents are ever perfect! Even if you think back on your childhood as being amazing, your parents made mistakes, too. The beauty is that a few mistakes will rarely lead to permanent damage in a child. That said, here is some advice from parents like you on how to do the very best you can rear a child.

Join a breastfeeding support and parenting group prior to giving birth to help you be comfortable in your breastfeeding. Women who join a group prior to giving birth are usually much more comfortable with breastfeeding than those who didn’t. The ability to learn and ask questions prior to having a crying baby in front of you is a lifesaver.

Even if your sick child begins to show signs of feeling better after a few days of antibiotics, you should follow the doctor’s orders exactly and finish the course of therapy. If your child does not finish the entire dosing plan, weakened bacteria may remain in his or system and become resistant to the antibiotics.

Do not let your children gang up on you. If you are a typical couple than once you reach three children they will already outnumber you and your spouse. One good technique to avoid this is to have confrontations with children one and one. This prevents the giggles from setting in and you are able to maintain your authority. Continue reading 

Finding The Right Doctor And Dentist For Your Kids

Finding The Right Doctor And Dentist For Your Kids

Though every parent dreams of perfectly behaved children who do everything right and never talk back, that just is not the reality for most. Kids are little bundles of energy and sometimes that energy gets misdirected. This article outlines some simple and effective tips for keeping peace in the home.

Avoid disrupting your small child’s eating and sleeping routines when you are traveling. Travel can be stressful for babies and small children. The bedtime rituals especially will help your child feel more comfortable in the new space and allow him/her (and you) to get enough sleep!

For parents who have children that like to sleep in your bed, it is important that you get them to sleep in their own bed. This is because the older a child gets, the harder it will be to stop the habit. When they come into your bed, immediately put them back into theirs.

If your toddler is trying to climb out of his or her crib, lower the mattress if it is possible. This is because if a child is able to climb out of their crib, and they fall out, they could seriously injure themselves. Also, make sure to remove crib bumpers.

If you have children in your home and you have a fireplace, make sure to get a fireplace or hearth gate. Thousands of children are injured each year from fireplace accidents. These injuries could have easily been prevented if the parent had taken safety precautions and gated off the fireplace. Continue reading 

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Party Bounce Houses for Your Kids’ Birthday Party

Let’s say that your children are going to have their birthday. As the parents, there is no way for you to let such moment just pass without anything to do. You surely want to make sure you can give the best for your children during their birthday, right? Alright, at this point, you might think that the best way for you to do is to make sure you can get the best birthday gift. But, sometime, the gift is not really that enough. You want to do something more special to your kids.

Yes, you can try to hold some kind of birthday party to your kids. It will be a lot much more awesome indeed. Your kids can invite their friends to come over to the birthday party. The fun will be multiplied. Your kids will be happy with the party and they will also be happy with your gift. However, what will you do with the birthday party? To provide some foods and drinks is actually too common. It might make your kids and also the guests feel bored. You need to find something which can live up the condition and atmosphere of your kids’ birthday party. To have the help from party bounce rentals Grand Rapids can become the best alternative for you. You need to know that this service is able to provide you with various bounce houses.

Therefore, your kids and also their friends can have such awesome time at the bounce houses. They are able to play there and it will make the joy of the birthday party can be even more boosted. To rent such bounce house is really affordable indeed. That is why you should not hesitate or have second thoughts in getting it. Once you have provided such great bounce houses, you will be able to hold the best birthday party ever for your kids.