Call Center Metrics: Optimize Performance of Your Help Desk

Businessmen often point out that it is impossible to manage a company effectively if you cannot measure its performance. This is really true, because without an accurate and reliable performance measurement system, you will not succeed in your business. The thing is that it is not easy to identify how successful your organization is right from the start. In most cases, the measurement process will take much time and effort, so you have to learn more about the most suitable performance evaluation systems that will meet your business needs contact center.

Call centers are those organizations, the performance of which is always associated with business advancement of your company. The fact is that the main task of contact center managers is to provide your customers with that sort of information they currently need. In many cases, experience of agents and their ability to solve the problems of callers effectively affect their further cooperation with your company. So, it is really important to know if there are any gaps that need enhancement in your business. The Balanced Scorecard system, which is specially designed to meet the needs of your calls center, can become the best solution for you. It will help you measure, analyze and control your contact center performance timely and efficiently.

Each call center can utilize different sets of KPIs or key performance indicators. The choice basically depends upon the goals that managers wish to achieve during the process of measurement. The most widespread of them, however, include abandon rate, time to answer, call handling time, idle and hold time, first call resolution, transfer rate, schedule adherence etc.

Time to answer, for example, is a metric, which is typically represented in seconds and signifies the amount of time a call center agent needs to manage the call. Though this metric is associated with the performance of a call center rather than with that of its employees, the speed of answer still depends upon the availability of agents to receive and manage calls on time. That is why this indicator is connected with abandon rate. The latter pointer is generally expressed in a percentage of callers who decide to disconnect before having their calls answered. This metric affects the rate of customer satisfaction, because the quicker a call is handled, the more pleased a caller is.

Another contact center BSC metric that has to be mentioned here is referred to as call handling time. Expressed in seconds, this pointer helps identify the amount of time an employee needs to handle the call. This indicator may vary from one call to another, which depends upon the complexity and nature of the problem that requires the solution. That is why, there is no sense to measure the time agents need to handle each call. Instead, average call handling time is that metric, which proves to be more reliable and informative here.

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